Tableware Festival in 2020 !


The annual tableware festival was held in the Tokyo baseball Dome February 2nd to 10th , 2020. There were many visitors to enjoy tableware with the beauty and sprit of the new era. The table setting corners are the most popular one for female visitors as usual. And many famous potters from all over Japan were displaying and selling their outstanding products.
This is one of our favorite national-wise Yakimono (or pottery and porcelain) exhibitions since we can meet acquainted potters at a time here.

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New attempt at Echizen-Yaki !!

Echizen-Yaki is one of the Six old Kilns in Japan” and is designated as “Traditional Craft Products”. Echizen-Yaki is characterized by its simple shapes and natural texture of the clay, which is unglazed and fired at a high temperature.
However, some potters attempt to create extremely thin sake-ware, called “Hirara” , taking advantage of the fine and stiff characters of Echizen clay.

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Hagi-Yaki pottery festival !!



At this season of the year in Japan, there are many pottery & porcelain festival held due to a holiday season and stable weather here. The 29th Hagi-Yaki pottery festival is one of them, which is held in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The 40 potters display and sell their artistic works and dairy utensils to ceramics lovers. This festival is unlikely held in a gymnasium. So, the customers can enjoy shopping and talking with potters regardless of weather conditions.
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Old and current Tokoname-Yaki (Aichi)

The production center of Tokoname-Yaki is located at Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture.
Tokoname-Yaki is one of The Six Old Kilns in Japan and influenced the development of other kilns such as Sigaraki-Yaki and Tanba-Yaki in the Japanese medieval period.
Japanese red tea pots, made of red clay is one of the features nowadays.
Here is a well-know The Walk Way where we can enjoy nostalgic scenery of the old kilns and their chimneys and the sophisticated products at the potters’ galleries.

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Tasteful black Suzu-Yaki !!

At the point of Noto Peninsula, there is Suzu-city where used to be a production center of archaeological ceramic around the 14th century. The products transported to almost all the areas along the Japan Sea.

Suzu-Yaki (Ishikawa) is the successor of unglazed pottery in grayish black shade, as the result of incomplete combustion by limiting the amount oxygen in the kiln.

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Traditional Ohi-Yaki in Kanazawa !!

Ohi-Yaki (Kanazawa, Ishikawa) is traditional pottery originated by a invited potter of Raku family in Kyoto nearly 350 years ago. Its characteristic caramel brown glaze is known as “Ameyu”.
There are many sightseeing spots near the Ohi-Yaki shop. “Nagamachi Samurai Houses” being surrounded by mud walls of high-ranking warriors, “Oyama Jinja Shrine” of which the gate uniquely decorated with stained glass and so on.

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Yamagata Yamadera and HIrashimizu Yaki (Yamagata)


Yamadera (or literally, “temple in mountain”) in Yamagata is the very popular temple among sightseers. This temple was founded in 860, and 1,010 stone steps lead from the foot to the top of the mountain. It used to be a place for ascetic practices.
Here is Hirashimizu-Yaki nearby which is traditional pottery created local clay of Mount Chitose.

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