Historical Village of Shirakawa-go in Hida

Sirakawa-Go (literally “White River District”) is one of Japan World Heritage Sites. The area is very popular among foreign tourists as well as Japanese ones because of its tender atmosphere with the old-fashioned houses. The houses are known as Gassho-zukuri, “prayer-hands construction” style which used to be typical style at the snowy area in Japan.
In general, the region including Sirakawa-Go is called Hida Takayama where many craftworks and historical heritage are well-known. Koito-Yaki and Shibukusa-Yaki are typical examples for pottery making.

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Kumamoto-Jo, one of the famed castles in Japan


There are many beautiful castles all over Japan. Kumamoto-jo (castle) is one of them and listed as one of the three major castles in Japan. Others are Himeji-jo (Hyogo) and Matsumoto-jo (Mtasumoto). Main castle tower (right) is 3-storied appearance-wise and 6-storied inside with beautiful “Chidorihafu” roofs. The center is Sub-castle tower and the left is Udo-yagura (turret) which was regarded as the previous main castle tower.

In this area, there are traditional Shodai-Yaki and Kouda-Yaki, which started in the mid-17th century by many Agano-Yaki potters led by the lord, Tadatoshi Hoskawa when he was transferred from current Fukuoka Prefecture.

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Sports Fukiya (Draft-blowing through a blowgun) game


Sports Fukiya (Draft-blowing through a blow gun) game was held with about 700 participants in Saitama. The Sports Fukiya is one of growing hobby, especially among elderly people because of its simple rule in addition to lighter exercise. Although it is easy to start Sports Fukiya, they will learn soon that stable breathing and mental factor are important to get higher score. Player can blow five drafts a game at a distance (6, 7, 8, 9 or 10m depending on their levels) and get a score from 0 to 7 points per shoot. So, a perfect shoot becomes 35 points.
In this Sports Fukiya game, many lovely children competed each other.

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